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You can style the player using following classes:
div.cmsplayer: wrapper for the whole player (without the playlist)
ul.controls: list of control buttons play button
li.pause: pause button
li.stop: stop button
li.volume-min: button to mute the player
li.volume-max: button to set maximum volume button to play next song
li.prev: button to play previous song
div.playtime: the time the song has played so far
div.totaltime: length of the song
div.progress: progress bar wrapper
div.loadbar: the progressbar for the loading process
div.playbar: the progressbar for the playing of the song
div.volumebar: volume bar wrapper
div.volumebarvalue: value of the volume bar
div.cmsplaylsit: wrapper for the playlsit
ul: list of songs a song
span.songname: name of the song
a.artist or span.artist: the artist name
a.credits or span.credits: the credits
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