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django CMS

Open source enterprise content management system based on the django framework.


This is the develop branch. It's the branch for features that will go into django CMS 3.1. The master branch is the current stable release, the one released on PyPI.

support/3.0.x will be our next stable release, the most appropriate branch for fixes and patches that will go into the next master.


  • Hierarchical pages
  • Extensive support for multilingual websites
  • Multi site support
  • Draft/Published workflows
  • Undo/Redo
  • Use the content blocks (placeholders) in your own apps (models)
  • Use the content blocks (static placeholders) anywhere in your templates
  • Edit content directly in the frontend on your pages
  • Hierarchical content plugins (columns, style changes etc)
  • Navigation rendering and extending from your apps
  • SEO friendly urls
  • Highly integrative into your own apps

You can define editable areas, called placeholders, in your templates which you fill with many different so called CMS content plugins. A list of all the plugins can be found here:

3rd party plugins

Should you be unable to find a suitable plugin for you needs, writing your own is very simple.

More information on our website.


Please head over to our documentation for all the details on how to install, extend and use the django CMS.


Quick Start

You can use the django CMS installer:

$ pip install --upgrade virtualenv
$ virtualenv env
$ source env/bin/activate
(env) $ pip install djangocms-installer
(env) $ djangocms -p . my_demo
(env) $ cd my_demo

Getting Help

Please head over to our IRC channel, #django-cms, on or write to our mailing list.


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