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48e6328 Patrick Lauber completed for pypi
digi604 authored
1 include AUTHORS
2 include LICENSE
927ef43 Jonas Obrist python packaging is annoying...
ojii authored
3 include README.rst
3556975 Patrick Lauber changelog updated and added to manifest
digi604 authored
4 include CHANGELOG.txt
21eafef Patrick Lauber fixes #291 example is not installed anymore
digi604 authored
5 recursive-include cms/locale *
05e7d6d Stefan Foulis fixed so it does not print warnings about missing media file...
stefanfoulis authored
6 recursive-include cms/templates *
a040642 Jonas Obrist Updated and to reflect the staticfiles changes
ojii authored
7 recursive-include cms/static *
514102a Jannis Leidel Removed trailing slash in manifest template to please the Windows gods.
jezdez authored
8 recursive-include cms/plugins *
b9be48b Jonas Obrist fixed manifest ignoring menu
ojii authored
9 recursive-include menus/templates *
01bf2f0 Jonas Obrist moved docs to the 'standard' location /docs/ instead of /cms/docs/
ojii authored
10 recursive-include docs *
1144cdd Stephan Jaekel Fixed #701 -- .pyc included in tarball
stephrdev authored
11 recursive-exclude * *.pyc
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