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class Menu(object):
nodes = []
def get_nodes(self, request):
raise NotImplementedError
def get_node_by_id(self, id):
for node in self.nodes:
if == id:
return node
class Modifier(object):
pre_cut = True
post_cut = False
def set_nodes(self, nodes):
self.nodes = nodes
def modify(self, request, nodes, namespace, id, post_cut):
def modify_all(self, request, nodes, namespace, id, post_cut):
def remove_node(self, node):
if node.parent:
class NavigationNode(object):
title = None
url = None
auth_required = False
required_group_id = None
attr = {}
namespace = None
id = None
softroot = False
parent_id = None
parent_namespace = None
parent = None # do not touch
selected = False
def __init__(self, title, url, namespace, id, parent_id=None, parent_namespace=None, attr=None, softroot=False, auth_required=False, required_group_id=None):
self.children = [] # do not touch
self.title = title
self.url = url = id
self.softroot = softroot
self.namespace = namespace
self.parent_id = parent_id
self.parent_namespace = parent_namespace
self.auth_required = auth_required
self.required_group_id = required_group_id
if attr:
self.attr = attr
def __repr__(self):
return "<Navigation Node: %s>" % self.title
def get_menu_title(self):
return self.title
def get_absolute_url(self):
return self.url
def get_attribute(self, name):
return self.attr[name]
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