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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
import datetime
from django.utils.translation import ugettext as _
from django.conf import settings
from cms.models import Page, PageModeratorState, PageModerator, CMSPlugin, Title
from cms.utils import timezone
I_APPROVE = 100 # current user should approve page
def page_changed(page, old_page=None, force_moderation_action=None):
"""Called from page post save signal. If page already had pk, old version
of page is provided in old_page argument.
# get user from thread locals
from cms.utils.permissions import get_current_user
user = get_current_user()
force_moderation_action = force_moderation_action or getattr(page, 'force_moderation_action', None)
if force_moderation_action:
PageModeratorState(user=user, page=page, action=force_moderation_action).save()
if not old_page:
# just newly created page
PageModeratorState(user=user, page=page, action=PageModeratorState.ACTION_ADD).save()
if (old_page is None and page.published) or \
(old_page and not old_page.published == page.published):
action = page.published and PageModeratorState.ACTION_PUBLISH or PageModeratorState.ACTION_UNPUBLISH
PageModeratorState(user=user, page=page, action=action).save()
if ((old_page and not old_page.moderator_state == page.moderator_state) or not old_page) \
and page.requires_approvement():
# update_moderation_message can be called after this :S -> recipient will not
# see the last message
mail_approvement_request(page, user)
# TODO: if page was changed, remove all approvements from higher instances,
# but keep approvements by lower instances, if there are any
def update_moderation_message(page, message):
"""This is bit special.. It updates last page state made from current user
for given page. Its called after page is saved - page state is created when
page gets saved (in signal), so this might have a concurrency issue, but
probably will work in 99,999%.
If any page state is'nt found in last UPDATE_TOLERANCE seconds, a new state
will be created instead of affecting old message.
UPDATE_TOLERANCE = 30 # max in last 30 seconds
from cms.utils.permissions import get_current_user
user = get_current_user()
created = - datetime.timedelta(seconds=UPDATE_TOLERANCE)
state = page.pagemoderatorstate_set.filter(user=user, created__gt=created).order_by('-created')[0]
# just state without message!!
assert not state.message
except (IndexError, AssertionError):
state = PageModeratorState(user=user, page=page, action=PageModeratorState.ACTION_CHANGED)
state.message = message
def page_moderator_state(request, page):
"""Return moderator page state from page.moderator_state, but also takes
look if current user is in the approvement path, and should approve the this
page. In this case return 100 as an state value.
dict(state=state, label=label)
state, label = page.moderator_state, ""
under_moderation = page.get_moderator_queryset()
# TODO: OPTIMIZE!! calls 1 or 2 q per list item (page)
if settings.CMS_MODERATOR:
label = _('parent first')
elif page.requires_approvement() and page.has_moderate_permission(request) \
and under_moderation.filter(user=request.user).count() \
and not page.pagemoderatorstate_set.filter(user=request.user, action=PageModeratorState.ACTION_APPROVE).count():
# only if he didn't approve already...
state = is_delete and I_APPROVE_DELETE or I_APPROVE
label = is_delete and _('delete') or _('approve')
elif not page.is_approved():
# if no moderator, we have just 2 states => changed / unchanged
if not page.is_approved() and not label:
if under_moderation.count():
label = dict(page.moderator_state_choices)[state]
return dict(state=state, label=label)
def moderator_should_approve(request, page):
"""Says if user should approve given page. (just helper)
return page_moderator_state(request, page)['state'] >= I_APPROVE
def requires_moderation(page):
"""Returns True if page requires moderation
return bool(page.get_moderator_queryset().count())
def will_require_moderation(target_id, position):
"""Check if newly added page will require moderation
if not settings.CMS_MODERATOR:
return False
target = Page.objects.get(pk=target_id)
if position == 'first-child':
return requires_moderation(target)
elif position in ('left', 'right'):
if target.parent:
return requires_moderation(target.parent)
return False
def get_test_moderation_level(page, user=None, include_user=True):
"""Returns min moderation level for page, and result of user test if
user is given, so output is always tuple of:
(moderation_level, requires_approvement)
Meaning of requires_approvement is - somebody of higher instance must
approve changes made on this page by given user.
NOTE: May require some optimization, might call 3 huge sql queries in
worse case
qs = page.get_moderator_queryset()
if not settings.CMS_MODERATOR or (user and user.is_superuser):
if include_user and qs.filter(, moderate_page=True).count():
return 0, True
return 0, False
if qs.filter(user__is_superuser=True).count():
return 0, True
if user:
if qs.filter(, user__globalpagepermission__gt=0).count():
return 0, False
moderator = qs.filter([0]
return, False
except IndexError:
if qs.filter(user__globalpagepermission__gt=0).count():
return 0, True
moderator = qs.select_related()[0]
except IndexError:
return PageModerator.MAX_MODERATION_LEVEL, False
return, True
def approve_page(request, page):
"""Main approving function. Two things can happen here, depending on user
1.) User is somewhere in the approvement path, but not on the top. In this
case just mark this page as approved by this user.
2.) User is on top of approvement path. Draft page with all dependencies
will be `copied` to public model, page states log will be cleaned.
moderation_level, moderation_required = get_test_moderation_level(page, request.user, False)
if not moderator_should_approve(request, page):
# escape soon if there isn't any approval required by this user
if not page.publisher_public or page.get_absolute_url() != page.publisher_public.get_absolute_url():
if not moderation_required:
# this is a second case - user can publish changes
if page.pagemoderatorstate_set.get_delete_actions().count():
# it is a delete request for this page!!
# first case - just mark page as approved from this user
PageModeratorState(user=request.user, page=page, action=PageModeratorState.ACTION_APPROVE).save()
def get_model_queryset(model, request=None):
"""Decision function used in frontend - says which model should be used.
Public models are used only if CMS_MODERATOR.
if not settings.CMS_MODERATOR:
# We do not use moderator
return model.objects.drafts()
# We do use moderator
if request:
preview_draft = ('preview' in request.GET and 'draft' in request.GET)
edit_mode = ('edit' in request.GET or request.session.get('cms_edit', False))
if preview_draft or edit_mode:
return model.objects.drafts()
# Default case / moderator is used but there is no request
return model.objects.public()
# queryset helpers for basic models
get_page_queryset = lambda request=None: get_model_queryset(Page, request)
get_title_queryset = lambda request=None: Title.objects.all() # not sure if we need to only grab public items here
get_cmsplugin_queryset = lambda request=None: CMSPlugin.objects.all() # CMSPlugin is no longer extending from Publisher
def mail_approvement_request(page, user=None):
"""Sends approvement request over email to all users which should approve
this page if they have an email entered.
Don't send it to current user - he should know about it, because he made the
if not settings.CMS_MODERATOR or not page.requires_approvement():
recipient_list = []
for moderator in page.get_moderator_queryset():
email =
if email and not email in recipient_list:
if user and in recipient_list:
if not recipient_list:
from django.core.urlresolvers import reverse
from django.contrib.sites.models import Site
from cms.utils.urlutils import urljoin
from cms.utils.mail import send_mail
site = Site.objects.get_current()
subject = _('CMS - Page %s requires approvement.') % unicode(page)
context = {
'page': page,
'admin_url': "http://%s" % urljoin(site.domain, reverse('admin:index'), 'cms/page',,
send_mail(subject, 'admin/cms/mail/approvement_required.txt', recipient_list, context, 'admin/cms/mail/approvement_required.html')
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