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from django.db.models import signals
from django.conf import settings
from cms import appresolver
from cms.models import signals as cms_signals, Page, Title
from cms.models import CMSPlugin
from cms.utils.moderator import page_changed
from django.core.exceptions import ObjectDoesNotExist
def update_plugin_positions(**kwargs):
plugin = kwargs['instance']
plugins = CMSPlugin.objects.filter(, language=plugin.language, placeholder=plugin.placeholder).order_by("position")
last = 0
for p in plugins:
if p.position != last:
p.position = last
last += 1
signals.post_delete.connect(update_plugin_positions, sender=CMSPlugin, dispatch_uid="cms.plugin.update_position")
def update_title_paths(instance, **kwargs):
"""Update child pages paths in case when page was moved.
for title in instance.title_set.all():
cms_signals.page_moved.connect(update_title_paths, sender=Page, dispatch_uid="cms.title.update_path")
def pre_save_title(instance, raw, **kwargs):
"""Save old state to instance and setup path
instance.tmp_path = None
instance.tmp_application_urls = None
tmp_title = Title.objects.get(
instance.tmp_path = tmp_title.path
instance.tmp_application_urls = tmp_title.application_urls
pass # no Titles exist for this page yet
# Build path from parent page's path and slug
if instance.has_url_overwrite and instance.path:
instance.path = instance.path.strip(" /")
parent_page =
slug = u'%s' % instance.slug
instance.path = u'%s' % slug
if parent_page:
parent_title = Title.objects.get_title(parent_page, language=instance.language, language_fallback=True)
if parent_title:
instance.path = (u'%s/%s' % (parent_title.path, slug)).lstrip("/")
signals.pre_save.connect(pre_save_title, sender=Title, dispatch_uid="cms.title.presave")
def post_save_title(instance, raw, created, **kwargs):
# Update descendants only if path changed
application_changed = False
if instance.path != getattr(instance,'tmp_path',None) and not hasattr(instance, 'tmp_prevent_descendant_update'):
descendant_titles = Title.objects.filter(,,,
).order_by('page__tree_id', 'page__parent', 'page__lft')
for descendant_title in descendant_titles:
descendant_title.path = '' # just reset path
descendant_title.tmp_prevent_descendant_update = True
if descendant_title.application_urls:
application_changed = True
if not hasattr(instance, 'tmp_prevent_descendant_update') and \
(instance.application_urls != getattr(instance, 'tmp_application_urls', None) or application_changed):
# fire it if we have some application linked to this page or some descendant
cms_signals.application_post_changed.send(sender=Title, instance=instance)
# remove temporary attributes
if getattr( instance, 'tmp_path', None):
if getattr( instance, 'tmp_application_urls' , None):
except AttributeError:
signals.post_save.connect(post_save_title, sender=Title, dispatch_uid="cms.title.postsave")
def clear_appresolver_cache(instance, **kwargs):
# reset cached applications - there were a change probably
# register this signal only if we have some hookable applications
cms_signals.application_post_changed.connect(clear_appresolver_cache, sender=Title, dispatch_uid="cms.title.appchanged")
def post_save_user(instance, raw, created, **kwargs):
"""Signal called when new user is created, required only when CMS_PERMISSION.
Asignes creator of the user to PageUserInfo model, so we now who had created
this user account.
requires: CurrentUserMiddleware
from cms.utils.permissions import get_current_user
# read current user from thread locals
creator = get_current_user()
if not creator or not created or not hasattr(creator, 'pk'):
from cms.models import PageUser
from django.db import connection
# i'm not sure if there is a workaround for this, somebody any ideas? What
# we are doing here is creating PageUser on Top of existing user, i'll do it
# through plain SQL, its not nice, but...
# TODO: find a better way than an raw sql !!
cursor = connection.cursor()
query = "INSERT INTO %s (user_ptr_id, created_by_id) VALUES (%d, %d)" % (
def post_save_user_group(instance, raw, created, **kwargs):
"""The same like post_save_user, but for Group, required only when
Asignes creator of the group to PageUserGroupInfo model, so we now who had
created this user account.
requires: CurrentUserMiddleware
from cms.utils.permissions import get_current_user
# read current user from thread locals
creator = get_current_user()
if not creator or not created:
from cms.models import PageUserGroup
from django.db import connection
# TODO: same as in post_save_user - raw sql is just not nice - workaround...?
cursor = connection.cursor()
query = "INSERT INTO %s (group_ptr_id, created_by_id) VALUES (%d, %d)" % (
if settings.CMS_PERMISSION:
# only if permissions are in use
from django.contrib.auth.models import User, Group
# regster signals to user related models
signals.post_save.connect(post_save_user, User)
signals.post_save.connect(post_save_user_group, Group)
def pre_save_page(instance, raw, **kwargs):
"""Helper pre save signal, assigns old_page attribute, so we can still
compare changes. Currently used only if CMS_PUBLISHER
instance.old_page = None
instance.old_page = Page.objects.get(
except ObjectDoesNotExist:
def post_save_page(instance, raw, created, **kwargs):
"""Helper post save signal, cleans old_page attribute.
old_page = instance.old_page
if settings.CMS_MODERATOR:
# tell moderator something was happen with this page
page_changed(instance, old_page)
if settings.CMS_MODERATOR:
# tell moderator, there is something happening with this page
signals.pre_save.connect(pre_save_page, sender=Page, dispatch_uid="")
signals.post_save.connect(post_save_page, sender=Page, dispatch_uid="")
from cache import signals
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