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Mptt registering (modified)
Registering now takes place in metaclass. Mptt is registered if model contains
attribute Meta, which is subclass of Mptt.
Basic usage::
class MyModel(models.Model):
class Mptt(Mptt):
- requires mptt installed on pythonpath
from django.db.models import signals
from django.db import models
class Mptt(models.Model):
"""Abstract class which have to be extended for putting model under mptt.
For changing attributes see MpttMeta
class Meta:
abstract = True
class MpttMeta:
"""Basic mptt configuration class - something like Meta in model
META_ATTRIBUTES = ('parent_attr', 'left_attr', 'right_attr',
'tree_id_attr', 'level_attr', 'tree_manager_attr', 'order_insertion_by')
parent_attr = 'parent'
left_attr = 'lft'
right_attr = 'rght'
tree_id_attr = 'tree_id'
level_attr = 'level'
tree_manager_attr = 'tree'
order_insertion_by = None
def contribute_to_class(cls, main_cls, name):
# install rest of mptt, class was build
sender=main_cls, weak=False)
from mptt.signals import pre_save
# Set up signal receiver to manage the tree when instances of the
# model are about to be saved.
signals.pre_save.connect(pre_save, sender=main_cls)
def finish_mptt_class(cls, *args, **kwargs):
main_cls = kwargs['sender']
from functools import wraps
except ImportError:
from django.utils.functional import wraps # Python 2.3, 2.4 fallback
from mptt.managers import TreeManager
# jsut copy attributes to meta
for attr in MpttMeta.META_ATTRIBUTES:
setattr(main_cls._meta, attr, getattr(cls, attr))
meta = main_cls._meta
# Instanciate tree manager
TreeManager(meta.parent_attr, meta.left_attr, meta.right_attr,
meta.tree_id_attr, meta.level_attr).contribute_to_class(main_cls, meta.tree_manager_attr)
# Add a custom tree manager
#setattr(main_cls, meta.tree_manager_attr, tree_manager)
setattr(main_cls, '_tree_manager', getattr(main_cls, meta.tree_manager_attr))
# Wrap the model's delete method to manage the tree structure before
# deletion. This is icky, but the pre_delete signal doesn't currently
# provide a way to identify which model delete was called on and we
# only want to manage the tree based on the topmost node which is
# being deleted.
def wrap_delete(delete):
def _wrapped_delete(self):
opts = self._meta
tree_width = (getattr(self, opts.right_attr) -
getattr(self, opts.left_attr) + 1)
target_right = getattr(self, opts.right_attr)
tree_id = getattr(self, opts.tree_id_attr)
self._tree_manager._close_gap(tree_width, target_right, tree_id)
return wraps(delete)(_wrapped_delete)
main_cls.delete = wrap_delete(main_cls.delete)
def install_mptt(cls, name, bases, attrs):
"""Installs mptt - modifies class attrs, and adds required stuff to them.
from publisher.models import MpttPublisher
if not Mptt in bases and not MpttPublisher in bases:
return attrs
if 'MpttMeta' in attrs and not issubclass(attrs['MpttMeta'], MpttMeta):
raise ValueError, ("%s.Mptt must be a subclass "
+ " of publisher.Mptt.") % (name,)
attrs['MpttMeta'] = MpttMeta
# import required stuff here, so we will have import errors only when mptt
# is really in use
from mptt import models as mptt_models
attrs['_is_mptt_model'] = lambda self: True
mptt_meta = attrs['MpttMeta']
assert mptt_meta.parent_attr in attrs, ("Mppt model must define parent "
# add mptt fields
fields = (mptt_meta.left_attr, mptt_meta.right_attr,
mptt_meta.tree_id_attr, mptt_meta.level_attr)
for attr in fields:
if not attr in attrs:
attrs[attr] = models.PositiveIntegerField(db_index=True, editable=False)
methods = ('get_ancestors', 'get_children', 'get_descendants',
'get_descendant_count', 'get_next_sibling',
'get_previous_sibling', 'get_root', 'get_siblings', 'insert_at',
'is_child_node', 'is_leaf_node', 'is_root_node', 'move_to')
# Add tree methods for model instances
for method_name in methods:
attrs[method_name] = getattr(mptt_models, method_name)
return attrs
def finish_mptt(cls):
if not hasattr(cls, '_is_mptt_model'):
from mptt import registry
if not cls in registry:
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