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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
from cms.exceptions import PluginAlreadyRegistered, PluginNotRegistered
from cms.plugin_base import CMSPluginBase
from cms.utils.django_load import load
from cms.utils.helpers import reversion_register
from cms.utils.placeholder import get_placeholder_conf
from django.conf import settings
from django.core.exceptions import ImproperlyConfigured
class PluginPool(object):
def __init__(self):
self.plugins = {}
self.discovered = False
def discover_plugins(self):
if self.discovered:
self.discovered = True
def register_plugin(self, plugin):
Registers the given plugin(s).
If a plugin is already registered, this will raise PluginAlreadyRegistered.
if hasattr(plugin,'__iter__'):
for single_plugin in plugin:
if not issubclass(plugin, CMSPluginBase):
raise ImproperlyConfigured(
"CMS Plugins must be subclasses of CMSPluginBase, %r is not."
% plugin
plugin_name = plugin.__name__
if plugin_name in self.plugins:
raise PluginAlreadyRegistered(
"Cannot register %r, a plugin with this name (%r) is already "
"registered." % (plugin, plugin_name)
plugin.value = plugin_name
self.plugins[plugin_name] = plugin
if 'reversion' in settings.INSTALLED_APPS:
from reversion.registration import RegistrationError
except ImportError:
from reversion.revisions import RegistrationError
except RegistrationError:
def unregister_plugin(self, plugin):
Unregisters the given plugin(s).
If a plugin isn't already registered, this will raise PluginNotRegistered.
if hasattr(plugin,'__iter__'):
for single_plugin in plugin:
plugin_name = plugin.__name__
if plugin_name not in self.plugins:
raise PluginNotRegistered(
'The plugin %r is not registered' % plugin
del self.plugins[plugin_name]
def get_all_plugins(self, placeholder=None, page=None, setting_key="plugins", include_page_only=True):
plugins = self.plugins.values()[:]
plugins.sort(key=lambda obj: unicode(
final_plugins = []
for plugin in plugins:
include_plugin = False
if placeholder:
allowed_plugins = get_placeholder_conf(
getattr(page, 'template', None)
if allowed_plugins:
if plugin.__name__ in allowed_plugins:
include_plugin = True
elif setting_key == "plugins":
include_plugin = True
if plugin.page_only and not include_page_only:
include_plugin = False
if include_plugin:
if final_plugins:
plugins = final_plugins
# plugins sorted by modules
plugins = sorted(plugins, key=lambda obj: unicode(obj.module))
return plugins
def get_text_enabled_plugins(self, placeholder, page):
plugins = self.get_all_plugins(placeholder, page)
plugins +=self.get_all_plugins(placeholder, page, 'text_only_plugins')
final = []
for plugin in plugins:
if plugin.text_enabled:
if plugin not in final:
return final
def get_plugin(self, name):
Retrieve a plugin from the cache.
return self.plugins[name]
plugin_pool = PluginPool()
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