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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
from cms.exceptions import AppAlreadyRegistered
from cms.utils.django_load import load, iterload_objects
from django.conf import settings
from django.core.exceptions import ImproperlyConfigured
import warnings
class ApphookPool(object):
def __init__(self):
self.apps = {}
self.discovered = False
self.block_register = False
def discover_apps(self):
if self.discovered:
#import all the modules
if settings.CMS_APPHOOKS:
self.block_register = True
for cls in iterload_objects(settings.CMS_APPHOOKS):
self.block_register = False
self.block_register = True
self.block_register = False
self.discovered = True
def clear(self):
self.apps = {}
self.discovered = False
def register(self, app):
if self.block_register:
from cms.app_base import CMSApp
# validate the app
if not issubclass(app, CMSApp):
raise ImproperlyConfigured('CMS Apps must inherit '
'cms.app_base.CMSApp, %r does not' % app)
if hasattr(app, 'menu') and not app.menus:
warnings.warn("You define a 'menu' attribute on your CMS App %r, "
"but the 'menus' attribute is empty, did you make a typo?")
name = app.__name__
if name in self.apps.keys():
raise AppAlreadyRegistered, "[%s] an cms app with this name is already registered" % name
self.apps[name] = app
def get_apphooks(self):
hooks = []
for app_name in self.apps.keys():
app = self.apps[app_name]
# Unfortunately, we loose the ordering since we now have a list of tuples. Let's reorder by app_name:
hooks = sorted(hooks, key=lambda hook: hook[1])
return hooks
def get_apphook(self, app_name):
return self.apps[app_name]
except KeyError:
# deprecated: return apphooks registered in db with urlconf name instead of apphook class name
for app in self.apps.values():
if app_name in app.urls:
return app
raise ImproperlyConfigured('No registered apphook `%s` found.' % app_name)
apphook_pool = ApphookPool()
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