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2.3.7 release notes


Upgrading from previous versions

2.3.7 now requires django-sekizai>=0.7 (up from 0.6.1) due to a cache-related fix backported from 2.4. The correct django-sekizai version should be automatically installed (if not already present), but please do check when upgrading.

What's new in 2.3.7

Cache-related plugin template fix

Plugin templates may suffer for incorrect caching when using django-sekizai (which may cause css and javascript files not to be served to the users). This backported fix resolve this, as the whole context is now saved in cache along with the rendered templates.

Permissions cache performance issue fix backported

When a page is saved and cache is enabled, an explicit cache clear used to be called, causing performance issues when you have thousand of users on your website. This is no longer the case: cache is now versioned and as a result massive cache invalidation is not needed anymore

Fix MPTT Management command backported

Backported from 2.4 a management command for fixing MPTT tree data.

The command can be run with: cms fix-mptt
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