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2.3.4 release notes

What's new in 2.3.4

WymEditor fixed

2.3.4 fixes a critical issue with WymEditor that prevented it from load it's JavaScript assets correctly.

Moved Norwegian translations

The Norwegian translations are now available as nb, which is the new (since 2003) official language code for Norwegian, replacing the older and deprecated no code.

If your site runs in Norwegian, you need to change your LANGUAGES settings!

Added support for timezones

On Django 1.4, and with USE_TZ=True the django CMS now uses timezone aware date and time objects.

Fixed slug clashing

In earlier versions, publishing a page that has the same slug (URL) as another (published) page could lead to errors. Now, when a page which would have the same URL as another (published) page is published, the user is shown an error and they're prompted to change the slug for the page.

Prevent unnamed related names for PlaceholderField

:class:`cms.models.fields.PlaceholderField` no longer allows the related name to be suppressed. Trying to do so will lead to a :exc:`ValueError`. This change was done to allow the django CMS to properly check permissions on Placeholder Fields.

Two fixes to page change form

The change form for pages would throw errors if the user editing the page does not have the permission to publish this page. This issue was resolved.

Further the page change form would not correctly pre-popluate the slug field if DEBUG was set to False. Again, this issue is now resolved.

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