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from os.path import join
from datetime import datetime
from django.conf import settings
from django.db import models
from django.db.models import Q
from django.utils.translation import ugettext_lazy as _, get_language
from django.core.urlresolvers import reverse
from django.contrib.sites.models import Site
from django.shortcuts import get_object_or_404
from django.core.exceptions import ObjectDoesNotExist
from publisher import MpttPublisher
from publisher.errors import PublisherCantPublish
from cms.utils.urlutils import urljoin
from cms.models.managers import PageManager, PagePermissionsPermissionManager
from cms.models import signals as cms_signals
from import get_available_slug, check_title_slugs
from cms.exceptions import NoHomeFound
from cms.utils.helpers import reversion_register
from cms.utils.i18n import get_fallback_languages
class Page(MpttPublisher):
A simple hierarchical page model
# special case - page was approved, but some of page parents if not approved yet
moderator_state_choices = (
(MODERATOR_CHANGED, _('changed')),
(MODERATOR_APPROVED, _('approved')),
created_by = models.CharField(_("created by"), max_length=70)
changed_by = models.CharField(_("changed by"), max_length=70)
parent = models.ForeignKey('self', null=True, blank=True, related_name='children', db_index=True)
creation_date = models.DateTimeField(editable=False,
publication_date = models.DateTimeField(_("publication date"), null=True, blank=True, help_text=_('When the page should go live. Status must be "Published" for page to go live.'), db_index=True)
publication_end_date = models.DateTimeField(_("publication end date"), null=True, blank=True, help_text=_('When to expire the page. Leave empty to never expire.'), db_index=True)
in_navigation = models.BooleanField(_("in navigation"), default=True, db_index=True)
soft_root = models.BooleanField(_("soft root"), db_index=True, default=False, help_text=_("All ancestors will not be displayed in the navigation"))
reverse_id = models.CharField(_("id"), max_length=40, db_index=True, blank=True, null=True, help_text=_("An unique identifier that is used with the page_url templatetag for linking to this page"))
navigation_extenders = models.CharField(_("navigation extenders"), max_length=80, db_index=True, blank=True, null=True, choices=settings.CMS_NAVIGATION_EXTENDERS)
published = models.BooleanField(_("is published"), blank=True)
template = models.CharField(_("template"), max_length=100, choices=settings.CMS_TEMPLATES, help_text=_('The template used to render the content.'))
site = models.ForeignKey(Site, help_text=_('The site the page is accessible at.'), verbose_name=_("site"))
moderator_state = models.SmallIntegerField(_('moderator state'), choices=moderator_state_choices, default=MODERATOR_NEED_APPROVEMENT, blank=True)
level = models.PositiveIntegerField(db_index=True, editable=False)
lft = models.PositiveIntegerField(db_index=True, editable=False)
rght = models.PositiveIntegerField(db_index=True, editable=False)
tree_id = models.PositiveIntegerField(db_index=True, editable=False)
login_required = models.BooleanField(_("login required"),default=False)
menu_login_required = models.BooleanField(_("menu login required"),default=False, help_text=_("only show this page in the menu if the user is logged in"))
# Managers
objects = PageManager()
permissions = PagePermissionsPermissionManager()
class Meta:
verbose_name = _('page')
verbose_name_plural = _('pages')
ordering = ('tree_id', 'lft')
app_label = 'cms'
class PublisherMeta:
exclude_fields_append = ['moderator_state']
def __unicode__(self):
slug = self.get_slug(fallback=True)
if slug is None:
return u'' # otherwise we get unicode decode errors
return slug
def move_page(self, target, position='first-child'):
"""Called from admin interface when page is moved. Should be used on
all the places which are changing page position. Used like an interface
to mptt, but after move is done page_moved signal is fired.
self.move_to(target, position)
# fire signal
from cms.models.moderatormodels import PageModeratorState
self.force_moderation_action = PageModeratorState.ACTION_MOVE
cms_signals.page_moved.send(sender=Page, instance=self) #titles get saved before moderation # always save the page after move, because of publisher
# check the slugs
def copy_page(self, target, site, position='first-child', copy_permissions=True, copy_moderation=True):
copy a page and all its descendants to a new location
Doesn't checks for add page permissions anymore, this is done in PageAdmin.
from cms.utils.moderator import update_moderation_message
descendants = [self] + list(self.get_descendants().order_by('-rght'))
site_reverse_ids = [ x[0] for x in Page.objects.filter(site=site, reverse_id__isnull=False).values_list('reverse_id') ]
if target:
target.old_pk = -1
if position == "first_child":
tree = [target]
elif target.parent_id:
tree = [target.parent]
tree = []
tree = []
if tree:
tree[0].old_pk = tree[0].pk
first = True
for page in descendants:
titles = list(page.title_set.all())
plugins = list(page.cmsplugin_set.all().order_by('tree_id', '-rght'))
origin_id =
page.old_pk = = None
page.level = None
page.rght = None
page.lft = None
page.tree_id = None
page.published = False
page.publisher_status = Page.MODERATOR_CHANGED
page.publisher_public_id = None
if page.reverse_id in site_reverse_ids:
page.reverse_id = None
if first:
first = False
if tree:
page.parent = tree[0]
page.parent = None
page.insert_at(target, position)
count = 1
found = False
for prnt in tree:
if prnt.old_pk == page.parent_id:
page.parent = prnt
tree = tree[0:count]
found = True
count += 1
if not found:
page.parent = None
tree.append(page) = site
# copy moderation, permissions if necessary
if settings.CMS_PERMISSION and copy_permissions:
from cms.models.permissionmodels import PagePermission
for permission in PagePermission.objects.filter(page__id=origin_id): = None = page
if settings.CMS_MODERATOR and copy_moderation:
from cms.models.moderatormodels import PageModerator
for moderator in PageModerator.objects.filter(page__id=origin_id): = None = page
update_moderation_message(page, unicode(_('Page was copied.')))
for title in titles: = None
title.publisher_public_id = None
title.published = False = page
title.slug = get_available_slug(title)
ptree = []
for p in plugins:
plugin, cls = p.get_plugin_instance()
except KeyError: #plugin type not found anymore
continue = page = None = None
p.tree_id = None
p.lft = None
p.rght = None
p.inherited_public_id = None
p.publisher_public_id = None
if p.parent:
pdif = p.level - ptree[-1].level
if pdif < 0:
ptree = ptree[:pdif-1]
p.parent = ptree[-1]
if pdif != 0:
ptree = [p]
p.level = None
if plugin: = = = page
plugin.tree_id = p.tree_id
plugin.lft = p.lft
plugin.rght = p.rght
plugin.level = p.level
plugin.cmsplugin_ptr = p
plugin.publisher_public_id = None
plugin.public_id = None
plugin.plubished = False
def save(self, no_signals=False, change_state=True, commit=True, force_with_moderation=False, force_state=None, **kwargs):
commit: True if model should be really saved
force_with_moderation: can be true when new object gets added under
some existing page and this new page will require moderation;
this is because of how this adding works - first save, then move
# Published pages should always have a publication date
publish_directly, under_moderation = False, False
if self.publisher_is_draft:
# publisher specific stuff, but only on draft model, this is here
# because page initializes publish process
if settings.CMS_MODERATOR:
under_moderation = force_with_moderation or and bool(self.get_moderator_queryset().count())
created = not bool(
if settings.CMS_MODERATOR:
if change_state:
if created:
# new page....
self.moderator_state = Page.MODERATOR_CHANGED
elif not self.requires_approvement():
# always change state to need approvement when there is some change
self.moderator_state = Page.MODERATOR_NEED_APPROVEMENT
if not under_moderation and (self.published or self.publisher_public):
# existing page without moderator - publish it directly if
# published is True
publish_directly = True
elif change_state:
self.moderator_state = Page.MODERATOR_CHANGED
#publish_directly = True - no publisher, no publishing!! - we just
# use draft models in this case
if force_state is not None:
self.moderator_state = force_state
if self.publication_date is None and self.published:
self.publication_date =
# Drafts should not, unless they have been set to the future
if self.published:
if settings.CMS_SHOW_START_DATE:
if self.publication_date and self.publication_date <=
self.publication_date = None
self.publication_date = None
if self.reverse_id == "":
self.reverse_id = None
from cms.utils.permissions import _thread_locals
user = getattr(_thread_locals, "user", None)
if user:
self.changed_by = user.username
self.changed_by = "script"
if not
self.created_by = self.changed_by
if commit:
if no_signals:# ugly hack because of mptt
super(Page, self).save_base(cls=self.__class__, **kwargs)
super(Page, self).save(**kwargs)
#if commit and (publish_directly or created and not under_moderation):
if self.publisher_is_draft and commit and publish_directly:
# post_publish signal moved to end of publish method()
def get_calculated_status(self):
get the calculated status of the page based on published_date,
published_end_date, and status
if settings.CMS_SHOW_START_DATE:
if self.publication_date >
return False
if settings.CMS_SHOW_END_DATE and self.publication_end_date:
if self.publication_end_date <
return True
return self.published
calculated_status = property(get_calculated_status)
def get_languages(self):
get the list of all existing languages for this page
from cms.models.titlemodels import Title
if not hasattr(self, "all_languages"):
self.all_languages = Title.objects.filter(page=self).values_list("language", flat=True).distinct()
self.all_languages = list(self.all_languages)
return self.all_languages
def get_absolute_url(self, language=None, fallback=True):
if self.is_home():
return reverse('pages-root')
except NoHomeFound:
if settings.CMS_FLAT_URLS:
path = self.get_slug(language, fallback)
path = self.get_path(language, fallback)
home_pk = None
home_pk = self.home_pk_cache
except NoHomeFound:
ancestors = self.get_cached_ancestors()
if self.parent_id and ancestors[-1].pk == home_pk and not self.get_title_obj_attribute("has_url_overwrite", language, fallback) and path:
path = "/".join(path.split("/")[1:])
return urljoin(reverse('pages-root'), path)
def get_cached_ancestors(self, ascending=True):
if ascending:
if not hasattr(self, "ancestors_ascending"):
self.ancestors_ascending = list(self.get_ancestors(ascending))
return self.ancestors_ascending
if not hasattr(self, "ancestors_descending"):
self.ancestors_descending = list(self.get_ancestors(ascending))
return self.ancestors_descending
def get_title_obj(self, language=None, fallback=True, version_id=None, force_reload=False):
"""Helper function for accessing wanted / current title.
If wanted title doesn't exists, EmptyTitle instance will be returned.
language = self._get_title_cache(language, fallback, version_id, force_reload)
if language in self.title_cache:
return self.title_cache[language]
from cms.models.titlemodels import EmptyTitle
return EmptyTitle()
def get_title_obj_attribute(self, attrname, language=None, fallback=True, version_id=None, force_reload=False):
"""Helper function for getting attribute or None from wanted/current title.
return getattr(self.get_title_obj(language, fallback, version_id, force_reload), attrname)
except AttributeError:
return None
def get_path(self, language=None, fallback=True, version_id=None, force_reload=False):
get the path of the page depending on the given language
return self.get_title_obj_attribute("path", language, fallback, version_id, force_reload)
def get_slug(self, language=None, fallback=True, version_id=None, force_reload=False):
get the slug of the page depending on the given language
return self.get_title_obj_attribute("slug", language, fallback, version_id, force_reload)
def get_title(self, language=None, fallback=True, version_id=None, force_reload=False):
get the title of the page depending on the given language
return self.get_title_obj_attribute("title", language, fallback, version_id, force_reload)
def get_menu_title(self, language=None, fallback=True, version_id=None, force_reload=False):
get the menu title of the page depending on the given language
menu_title = self.get_title_obj_attribute("menu_title", language, fallback, version_id, force_reload)
if not menu_title:
return self.get_title(language, True, version_id, force_reload)
return menu_title
def get_page_title(self, language=None, fallback=True, version_id=None, force_reload=False):
get the page title of the page depending on the given language
page_title = self.get_title_obj_attribute("page_title", language, fallback, version_id, force_reload)
if not page_title:
return self.get_menu_title(language, True, version_id, force_reload)
return page_title
def get_meta_description(self, language=None, fallback=True, version_id=None, force_reload=False):
get content for the description meta tag for the page depending on the given language
return self.get_title_obj_attribute("meta_description", language, fallback, version_id, force_reload)
def get_meta_keywords(self, language=None, fallback=True, version_id=None, force_reload=False):
get content for the keywords meta tag for the page depending on the given language
return self.get_title_obj_attribute("meta_keywords", language, fallback, version_id, force_reload)
def get_application_urls(self, language=None, fallback=True, version_id=None, force_reload=False):
get application urls conf for application hook
return self.get_title_obj_attribute("application_urls", language, fallback, version_id, force_reload)
def get_redirect(self, language=None, fallback=True, version_id=None, force_reload=False):
get redirect
return self.get_title_obj_attribute("redirect", language, fallback, version_id, force_reload)
def _get_title_cache(self, language, fallback, version_id, force_reload):
if not language:
language = get_language()
load = False
if not hasattr(self, "title_cache") or force_reload:
load = True
self.title_cache = {}
elif not language in self.title_cache:
if fallback:
fallback_langs = get_fallback_languages(language)
for lang in fallback_langs:
if lang in self.title_cache:
return lang
load = True
if load:
from cms.models.titlemodels import Title
if version_id:
from reversion.models import Version
version = get_object_or_404(Version, pk=version_id)
revs = [related_version.object_version for related_version in version.revision.version_set.all()]
for rev in revs:
obj = rev.object
if obj.__class__ == Title:
self.title_cache[obj.language] = obj
title = Title.objects.get_title(self, language, language_fallback=fallback)
if title:
self.title_cache[title.language] = title
language = title.language
return language
def get_template(self):
get the template of this page if defined or if closer parent if
defined or DEFAULT_PAGE_TEMPLATE otherwise
template = None
if self.template and len(self.template)>0 and \
self.template != settings.CMS_TEMPLATE_INHERITANCE_MAGIC:
template = self.template
for p in self.get_ancestors(ascending=True):
template = p.get_template()
if not template:
template = settings.CMS_TEMPLATES[0][0]
return template
def get_template_name(self):
get the textual name (2nd parameter in settings.CMS_TEMPLATES)
of the template of this page or of the nearest
ancestor. failing to find that, return the name of the default template.
template = self.get_template()
for t in settings.CMS_TEMPLATES:
if t[0] == template:
return t[1]
return _("default")
def has_change_permission(self, request):
opts = self._meta
if request.user.is_superuser:
return True
return request.user.has_perm(opts.app_label + '.' + opts.get_change_permission()) and \
self.has_generic_permission(request, "change")
def has_delete_permission(self, request):
opts = self._meta
if request.user.is_superuser:
return True
return request.user.has_perm(opts.app_label + '.' + opts.get_delete_permission()) and \
self.has_generic_permission(request, "delete")
def has_publish_permission(self, request):
return self.has_generic_permission(request, "publish")
def has_advanced_settings_permission(self, request):
return self.has_generic_permission(request, "advanced_settings")
def has_change_permissions_permission(self, request):
"""Has user ability to change permissions for current page?
return self.has_generic_permission(request, "change_permissions")
def has_add_permission(self, request):
"""Has user ability to add page under current page?
return self.has_generic_permission(request, "add")
def has_move_page_permission(self, request):
"""Has user ability to move current page?
return self.has_generic_permission(request, "move_page")
def has_moderate_permission(self, request):
"""Has user ability to moderate current page? If moderation isn't
installed, nobody can moderate.
if not settings.CMS_MODERATOR:
return False
return self.has_generic_permission(request, "moderate")
def has_generic_permission(self, request, type):
Return true if the current user has permission on the page.
Return the string 'All' if the user has all rights.
att_name = "permission_%s_cache" % type
if not hasattr(self, "permission_user_cache") or not hasattr(self, att_name) \
or !=
from cms.utils.permissions import has_generic_permission
self.permission_user_cache = request.user
setattr(self, att_name, has_generic_permission(, request.user, type))
if getattr(self, att_name):
self.permission_edit_cache = True
return getattr(self, att_name)
def is_home(self):
if self.parent_id:
return False
return self.home_pk_cache ==
except NoHomeFound:
return False
def get_home_pk_cache(self):
attr = "%s_home_pk_cache" % (self.publisher_is_draft and "draft" or "public")
if not hasattr(self, attr):
setattr(self, attr, self.get_object_queryset().get_home().pk)
return getattr(self, attr)
def set_home_pk_cache(self, value):
attr = "%s_home_pk_cache" % (self.publisher_is_draft and "draft" or "public")
setattr(self, attr, value)
home_pk_cache = property(get_home_pk_cache, set_home_pk_cache)
def get_media_path(self, filename):
Returns path (relative to MEDIA_ROOT/MEDIA_URL) to directory for storing page-scope files.
This allows multiple pages to contain files with identical names without namespace issues.
Plugins such as Picture can use this method to initialise the 'upload_to' parameter for
File-based fields. For example:
image = models.ImageField(_("image"), upload_to=CMSPlugin.get_media_path)
where CMSPlugin.get_media_path calls
This location can be customised using the CMS_PAGE_MEDIA_PATH setting
return join(settings.CMS_PAGE_MEDIA_PATH, "%d" %, filename)
def last_page_states(self):
"""Returns last five page states, if they exist, optimized, calls sql
query only if some states available
# TODO: optimize SQL... 1 query per page
if settings.CMS_MODERATOR:
has_moderator_state = getattr(self, '_has_moderator_state_chache', None)
if has_moderator_state == False:
return None
return self.pagemoderatorstate_set.all().order_by('created',)[:5]
return None
def get_moderator_queryset(self):
"""Returns ordered set of all PageModerator instances, which should
moderate this page
from cms.models.moderatormodels import PageModerator
if not settings.CMS_MODERATOR or not self.tree_id:
return PageModerator.objects.get_empty_query_set()
q = Q(page__tree_id=self.tree_id, page__level__lt=self.level, moderate_descendants=True) | \
Q(page__tree_id=self.tree_id, page__level=self.level - 1, moderate_children=True) | \
Q(, moderate_page=True)
return PageModerator.objects.distinct().filter(q).order_by('page__level')
def is_under_moderation(self):
return bool(self.get_moderator_queryset().count())
def is_approved(self):
"""Returns true, if page is approved and published, or approved, but
parents are missing..
def publish(self):
"""Overrides Publisher method, because there may be some descendants, which
are waiting for parent to publish, so publish them if possible.
IMPORTANT: @See utils.moderator.approve_page for publishing permissions
Returns: True if page was successfully published.
if not settings.CMS_MODERATOR:
# publish, but only if all parents are published!!
published = None
published = super(Page, self).publish()
self.moderator_state = Page.MODERATOR_APPROVED
except PublisherCantPublish:
if not published:
# was not published, escape
# clean moderation log
# page was published, check if there are some childs, which are waiting
# for publishing (because of the parent)
publish_set = self.children.filter(moderator_state = Page.MODERATOR_APPROVED_WAITING_FOR_PARENTS)
for page in publish_set:
# recursive call to all childrens....
page.moderator_state = Page.MODERATOR_APPROVED
# fire signal after publishing is done
cms_signals.post_publish.send(sender=Page, instance=self)
return published
def is_public_published(self):
"""Returns true if public model is published.
if hasattr(self, 'public_published_cache'):
# if it was cached in change list, return cached value
return self.public_published_cache
# othervise make db lookup
if self.publisher_public_id:
return self.publisher_public.published
#return is_public_published(self)
return False
def requires_approvement(self):
def get_moderation_value(self, user):
"""Returns page moderation value for given user, moderation value is
sum of moderations.
moderation_value = getattr(self, '_moderation_value_cahce', None)
if moderation_value is not None and self._moderation_value_cache_for_user_id ==
return moderation_value
page_moderator = self.pagemoderator_set.get(user=user)
except ObjectDoesNotExist:
return 0
moderation_value = page_moderator.get_decimal()
self._moderation_value_cahce = moderation_value
self._moderation_value_cache_for_user_id = user
return moderation_value
reversion_register(Page, follow=["title_set", "cmsplugin_set", "pagepermission_set"])
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