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==== 2.0.0 (2009-11-12) ====
==== 2.0.1 (2009-12-13) ====
- mostly bugfixes (18 tickets closed)
- docs updated
- permissions now working in multisite environment
- home is now graphically designated in tree-view
==== 2.0.2 (2009-12-14) ====
- testsuite working again
- changelog file added
==== 2.1.0 (2011-01-26) ====
- language namespaces for apphooks (reverse("de:myview"), reverse("en:myview"))
- video plugin switch to
- frontediting added (cms.middlware.toolbar.ToolbarMiddleware)
- testsuite works now under sqlite and postgres
- orphaned text embed plugins get now deleted if not referenced in the text anymore
- placeholder templatetag: "theme" attribute removed in favor of "width" (backward incompatible change if theme was used)
- menu is its own app now
- menu modifiers (you can register menu modifiers that can change menu nodes or rearrange them)
- menus are now class based.
- apphooks are now class based and can bring multiple menus and with them.
- menus and apphooks are auto-discovered now
- example templates look a lot better now.
- languages are not a dropdown anymore but fancy tabs
- placeholderend templatetag added: {% placeholder "content" %}There is no content here{% endplaceholder %}
- plugins can now be used in other apps :) see cms/docs/placeholders.txt
- plugins can now be grouped
- a lot of bugfixes
- the cms now depends on the middleware
- templatetags refactored: see cms/docs/templatetags.txt for new signatures.
- placeholder has new option: or and a endpalceholder templatetag
==== 2.1.1 (2011-02-09) ====
- Fixed CMS AJAX requests not being CSRF protected, thus not working in Django 1.2.5
- Fixed toolbar CSS issues in Chrome/Firefox
==== 2.1.2 (2011-02-16) ====
- Fixed issues with the CSRF fix from 2.1.1.
- Updated translation files from transifex.
==== 2.1.3 (2011-02-22) ====
- Fixed a serious security issue in PlaceholderAdmin
- Fixed bug with submenus showing pages that are not 'in_navigation' (#716, thanks to Iacopo Spalletti for the patch)
- Fixed PlaceholderField not respecting limits in CMS_PLACEHOLDER_CONF (thanks to Ben Hockey for reporting this)
- Fixed the double-monkeypatch check for url reversing (thanks to Benjamin Wohlwend for the patch)
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