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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
from django.core.cache import cache
from django.db.models.signals import post_save, post_delete
from django.utils.safestring import mark_safe
from django.utils import translation
from django.conf import settings
from django.contrib.sites.models import Site
from cms.models import Page
def update_site_and_page_choices(lang=None):
lang = lang or translation.get_language()
SITE_CHOICES_KEY = get_site_cache_key(lang)
PAGE_CHOICES_KEY = get_page_cache_key(lang)
if settings.CMS_MODERATOR:
page_queryset = Page.objects.public().select_related('site')
page_queryset = Page.objects.drafts().select_related('site')
site_choices = []
page_choices = [('', '----')]
current_site_pages = []
current_site = None
for page in page_queryset:
if != current_site:
if current_site_pages:
site_choices.append( (, ) )
page_choices.append( (, current_site_pages) )
current_site_pages = []
current_site =
page_title = page.get_menu_title(fallback=True)
if page_title is None:
page_title = u"page %s" %
page_title = mark_safe(u"%s %s" % (u"  "*page.level, page_title))
current_site_pages.append( (, page_title) )
if current_site_pages:
site_choices.append( (, ) )
page_choices.append( (, current_site_pages) )
# We set it to 1 day here because we actively invalidate this cache.
# There is absolutely NO point in making this
cache.set(SITE_CHOICES_KEY, site_choices, 86400)
cache.set(PAGE_CHOICES_KEY, page_choices, 86400)
return site_choices, page_choices
def get_site_choices(lang=None):
lang = lang or translation.get_language()
site_choices = cache.get(get_site_cache_key(lang))
if site_choices is None:
site_choices, page_choices = update_site_and_page_choices(lang)
return site_choices
def get_page_choices(lang=None):
lang = lang or translation.get_language()
page_choices = cache.get(get_page_cache_key(lang))
if page_choices is None:
site_choices, page_choices = update_site_and_page_choices(lang)
return page_choices
def _get_key(prefix, lang):
return "%s-%s" % (prefix, lang)
def get_site_cache_key(lang):
return _get_key(settings.CMS_SITE_CHOICES_CACHE_KEY, lang)
def get_page_cache_key(lang):
return _get_key(settings.CMS_PAGE_CHOICES_CACHE_KEY, lang)
def _clean_many(prefix):
keys = []
for lang in [l[0] for l in settings.LANGUAGES]:
keys.append(_get_key(prefix, lang))
def clean_site_choices_cache(sender, **kwargs):
def clean_page_choices_cache(sender, **kwargs):
post_save.connect(clean_page_choices_cache, sender=Page)
post_save.connect(clean_site_choices_cache, sender=Site)
post_delete.connect(clean_page_choices_cache, sender=Page)
post_delete.connect(clean_site_choices_cache, sender=Site)
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