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Signal receiving functions which handle Modified Preorder Tree Traversal
related logic when model instances are about to be saved or deleted.
import operator
from django.db.models.query import Q
__all__ = ('pre_save',)
def _insertion_target_filters(node, order_insertion_by):
Creates a filter which matches suitable right siblings for ``node``,
where insertion should maintain ordering according to the list of
fields in ``order_insertion_by``.
For example, given an ``order_insertion_by`` of
``['field1', 'field2', 'field3']``, the resulting filter should
correspond to the following SQL::
field1 > %s
OR (field1 = %s AND field2 > %s)
OR (field1 = %s AND field2 = %s AND field3 > %s)
fields = []
filters = []
for field in order_insertion_by:
value = getattr(node, field)
filters.append(reduce(operator.and_, [Q(**{f: v}) for f, v in fields] +
[Q(**{'%s__gt' % field: value})]))
fields.append((field, value))
return reduce(operator.or_, filters)
def _get_ordered_insertion_target(node, parent):
Attempts to retrieve a suitable right sibling for ``node``
underneath ``parent`` (which may be ``None`` in the case of root
nodes) so that ordering by the fields specified by the node's class'
``order_insertion_by`` option is maintained.
Returns ``None`` if no suitable sibling can be found.
right_sibling = None
# Optimisation - if the parent doesn't have descendants,
# the node will always be its last child.
if parent is None or parent.get_descendant_count() > 0:
opts = node._meta
order_by = opts.order_insertion_by[:]
filters = _insertion_target_filters(node, order_by)
if parent:
filters = filters & Q(**{opts.parent_attr: parent})
# Fall back on tree ordering if multiple child nodes have
# the same values.
filters = filters & Q(**{'%s__isnull' % opts.parent_attr: True})
# Fall back on tree id ordering if multiple root nodes have
# the same values.
right_sibling = \
except IndexError:
# No suitable right sibling could be found
return right_sibling
def pre_save(instance, **kwargs):
If this is a new node, sets tree fields up before it is inserted
into the database, making room in the tree structure as neccessary,
defaulting to making the new node the last child of its parent.
It the node's left and right edge indicators already been set, we
take this as indication that the node has already been set up for
insertion, so its tree fields are left untouched.
If this is an existing node and its parent has been changed,
performs reparenting in the tree structure, defaulting to making the
node the last child of its new parent.
In either case, if the node's class has its ``order_insertion_by``
tree option set, the node will be inserted or moved to the
appropriate position to maintain ordering by the specified field.
if kwargs.get('raw'):
opts = instance._meta
parent = getattr(instance, opts.parent_attr)
if not
if (getattr(instance, opts.left_attr) and
getattr(instance, opts.right_attr)):
# This node has already been set up for insertion.
if opts.order_insertion_by:
right_sibling = _get_ordered_insertion_target(instance, parent)
if right_sibling:
instance.insert_at(right_sibling, 'left')
# Default insertion
instance.insert_at(parent, position='last-child')
# TODO Is it possible to track the original parent so we
# don't have to look it up again on each save after the
# first?
old_parent = getattr(instance._default_manager.get(,
if parent != old_parent:
setattr(instance, opts.parent_attr, old_parent)
if opts.order_insertion_by:
right_sibling = _get_ordered_insertion_target(instance,
if right_sibling:
instance.move_to(right_sibling, 'left')
# Default movement
instance.move_to(parent, position='last-child')
# Make sure the instance's new parent is always
# restored on the way out in case of errors.
setattr(instance, opts.parent_attr, parent)
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