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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
from django.contrib.sitemaps import Sitemap
def from_iterable(iterables):
Backport of itertools.chain.from_iterable
for it in iterables:
for element in it:
yield element
class CMSSitemap(Sitemap):
changefreq = "monthly"
priority = 0.5
def items(self):
from cms.utils.moderator import get_page_queryset
page_queryset = get_page_queryset(None)
all_pages = page_queryset.published().filter(login_required=False)
return all_pages
def lastmod(self, page):
modification_dates = [page.changed_date, page.publication_date]
plugins_for_placeholder = lambda placeholder: placeholder.cmsplugin_set.all()
plugins = from_iterable(map(plugins_for_placeholder, page.placeholders.all()))
plugin_modification_dates = map(lambda plugin: plugin.changed_date, plugins)
return max(modification_dates)
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