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from django.core.cache import cache
# Time to live for cache entry 10 minutes, so it gets cleaned if we don't catch
# something - don't make higher; groups may be problematic because of no signals
# when adding / removing from group
TTL = 600
permission_cache_keys = []
all_keys = []
get_cache_key = lambda user, key: "Admin::Permission::%s::%s" % (user.username, key)
def get_permission_cache(user, key):
"""Helper for reading values from cache
return cache.get(get_cache_key(user, key))
def set_permission_cache(user, key, value):
"""Helper method for storing values in cache. Stores used keys so
all of them can be cleaned when clean_permission_cache gets called.
# store this key, so we can clean it when required
cache_key = get_cache_key(user, key)
if not cache_key in all_keys:
if not key in permission_cache_keys:
cache.set(cache_key, value, TTL)
def clear_user_permission_cache(user):
"""Cleans permission cache for given user.
for key in permission_cache_keys:
cache.delete(get_cache_key(user, key))
def clear_permission_cache():
for key in all_keys:
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