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Contributing to django CMS

Like every open-source project, django CMS is always looking for motivated individuals to contribute to its source code.

There's more guidance on `how to contribute in our documentation < >`_.

Key points:


If you think you have discovered a security issue in our code, please report it privately, by emailing us at

Please do not raise it on:

  • IRC
  • GitHub
  • either of our email lists

or in any other public forum until we have had a chance to deal with it.


People interested in developing for the django CMS should join the django-cms-developers mailing list as well as heading over to #django-cms on the freenode IRC network for help and to discuss the development.

You may also be interested in following @djangocmsstatus on twitter to get the GitHub commits as well as the hudson build reports. There is also a @djangocms account for less technical announcements.

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