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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
def copy_plugins_to(plugin_list, to_placeholder, to_language = None):
Copies a list of plugins to a placeholder to a language.
ptree = []
plugins_ziplist = []
for old_plugin in plugin_list:
if to_language:
plugin_language = to_language
plugin_language = old_plugin.language
# do the simple copying
new_plugin = old_plugin.copy_plugin(to_placeholder, plugin_language, ptree)
plugins_ziplist.append((new_plugin, old_plugin))
# this magic is needed for advanced plugins like Text Plugins that can have
# nested plugins and need to update their content based on the new plugins.
for new_plugin, old_plugin in plugins_ziplist:
new_instance = new_plugin.get_plugin_instance()[0]
if new_instance:
new_instance.post_copy(old_plugin, plugins_ziplist)
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