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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
from django.conf import settings
def get_default_language(language_code=None):
"""Returns default language depending on settings.LANGUAGE_CODE merged with
best match from settings.CMS_LANGUAGES
Returns: language_code
if not language_code:
language_code = settings.LANGUAGE_CODE
languages = dict(settings.CMS_LANGUAGES).keys()
# first try if there is an exact language
if language_code in languages:
return language_code
# otherwise split the language code if possible, so iso3
language_code = language_code.split("-")[0]
if not language_code in languages:
return settings.LANGUAGE_CODE
return language_code
def get_fallback_languages(language):
returns a list of fallback languages for the given language
conf = settings.CMS_LANGUAGE_CONF
if language in conf:
l_list = conf[language]
languages = settings.CMS_LANGUAGES
l_list = []
for l in languages:
if language in l_list:
return l_list
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