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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
from cms.tests.admin import AdminTestCase
from cms.tests.apphooks import ApphooksTestCase
from import DocsTestCase
from import MenusTestCase
from cms.tests.navextender import NavExtenderTestCase
from cms.tests.nonroot import NonRootCase
from import PagesTestCase
from cms.tests.permmod import PermissionModeratorTestCase
from cms.tests.placeholder import PlaceholderTestCase
from cms.tests.plugins import PluginManyToManyTestCase, PluginsTestCase
from cms.tests.rendering import RenderingTestCase
from cms.tests.reversion_tests import ReversionTestCase
from import SiteTestCase
from cms.tests.urlutils import UrlutilsTestCase
from cms.tests.publisher import PublisherTestCase
from cms.tests.multilingual import MultilingualTestCase
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