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fixed so it does not print warnings about missing media f…

…iles while installing the package
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1 parent eeb9851 commit 05e7d6dc71313230f71a167e2ff7a6cc0576c108 @stefanfoulis stefanfoulis committed Nov 5, 2009
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@@ -1,11 +1,11 @@
include AUTHORS
include LICENSE
-recursive-include cms/templates *.html *.css *.js
+recursive-include cms/templates *
+recursive-include cms/media *
recursive-include cms/docs *.html *.css *.js *.png
-recursive-include cms/media *.html *.css *.js *.gif *.jpg *.png
-recursive-include cms/plugins *.html *.css *.js
-recursive-include example *.html *.css *.js *.jpg *.gif *.png
+recursive-include cms/plugins/*/templates *
+recursive-include example/templates *
recursive-include cms/fixtures *.json
recursive-include mptt/tests/fixtures *.json

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