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If a user only has add rights to pages and direct children don't allow

the page add on its children
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1 parent de76695 commit 432cffed99391999bad5c0846231ab7c9300357c @digi604 digi604 committed Dec 2, 2009
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@@ -454,7 +454,7 @@ def __get_id_list(self, user, attr):
# can add is special - we are actually adding page under current page
if permission.grant_on & MASK_PAGE or attr is "can_add":
- if permission.grant_on & MASK_CHILDREN:
+ if permission.grant_on & MASK_CHILDREN and not attr is "can_add":
page_id_allow_list.extend('id', flat=True))
elif permission.grant_on & MASK_DESCENDANTS:
page_id_allow_list.extend('id', flat=True))

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