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a fix for 977, couldn't reproduce the bug using unittests (but using …

…the browser). So really NOT sure if this is a valid fix!
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commit bdceb4e4c4a6f113d3125a667e10cfc4c041ae4e 1 parent 2fcb922
@ojii ojii authored
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  1. +0 −6 cms/models/
6 cms/models/
@@ -307,7 +307,6 @@ def save(self, no_signals=False, change_state=True, commit=True,
# Published pages should always have a publication date
publish_directly, under_moderation = False, False
if self.publisher_is_draft:
# publisher specific stuff, but only on draft model, this is here
# because page initializes publish process
@@ -366,11 +365,6 @@ def save(self, no_signals=False, change_state=True, commit=True,
if commit and publish_directly:
- elif self.publisher_public and self.publisher_public.published:
- self.publisher_public.published = False
def save_base(self, *args, **kwargs):
"""Overriden save_base. If an instance is draft, and was changed, mark
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