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Jonas Obrist
Jonas Obrist committed Aug 28, 2011
2 parents a5207e2 + 74a638f commit e47122aa2805ced7460e6d356f14ac445aacb9b4
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@@ -70,19 +70,25 @@ The get_nodes function should return a list of
- parent_id=None
- If this is a child of an other node give here the id of the parent.
+ If this is a child of another node give here the id of the parent.
- parent_namespace=None
If the parent node is not from this menu you can give it the parent
namespace. The namespace is the name of the class. In the above example that
would be: "TestMenu"
- - attr=None
+- attr=None
A dictionary of additional attributes you may want to use in a modifier or
in the template.
+- visible=True
+ Whether or not this menu item should be visible.
+Additionally, each :class:`NavigationNode` provides a number of methods, which are
+detailed in the :class:`NavigationNode <menus.base.NavigationNode>` API references.
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