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Commits on Aug 5, 2011
  1. 2.2b1 release.

    Jonas Obrist committed
    Many thanks to everyone who helped with the 2.2 release so far.
    Special thanks to Chris Glass, who kept reviewing code until a few hours before getting married today. Congratulations to him and his wife.
  2. more python 2.5 fixes

    Jonas Obrist committed
  3. Fixed test settings not working on 1.3

    Jonas Obrist committed
  4. @ojii

    Merge pull request #930 from ojii/view-permission-performance-boost

    ojii committed
    View permission performance boost
  5. Added more tests for view permission in menu

    Jonas Obrist committed
    Fixed an issue that PagePermission were not respected in
  6. Fixed backend admin plugin editor not working, thanks a lot to @yml f…

    Jonas Obrist committed
    …or reporting this and @dangerfield for spotting the bug
  7. Removed unnecessary import

    Jonas Obrist committed
  8. Drastically improved coverage of and fixed…

    Jonas Obrist committed
    … some bugs in the process
  9. Merge branch 'develop' of into view-permi…

    Jonas Obrist committed
  10. Improved menu building by getting all view permissions at once for al…

    Jonas Obrist committed
    …l pages in the menu
  11. Improved the reporting of AssertNumQueries

    Jonas Obrist committed
Commits on Aug 4, 2011
  1. Moved the 'path update signal' outside the moderator only post-save-p…

    Jonas Obrist committed
    …age signal
  2. @ojii

    Merge pull request #919 from kezabelle/develop

    ojii committed
    Minor documentation improvements.
  3. @kezabelle
  4. @kezabelle
  5. @ojii

    Merge pull request #927 from ojii/url-overwrite-bug

    ojii committed
    Url overwrite bug
  6. @kezabelle
  7. Fixed url overwrite bug

    Jonas Obrist committed
  8. Added a test for the url overwrite bug reported by @rors

    Jonas Obrist committed
  9. @kezabelle

    fix typo, via ojii.

    kezabelle committed
  10. @ojii

    Merge pull request #926 from ojii/feature/document-page-field

    ojii committed
    Added documentation for cms.forms.field.PageSelectFormField and cms.model
  11. English is really hard... thanks @pumalo

    Jonas Obrist committed
  12. Another grammar fix, this time by @pumalo

    Jonas Obrist committed
  13. Another grammar fix thanks to @kezabelle

    Jonas Obrist committed
  14. Fixed grammar (thanks to @kezabelle for pointing it out)

    Jonas Obrist committed
  15. Added documentation for cms.forms.field.PageSelectFormField and cms.m…

    Jonas Obrist committed
    …odels.fields.PageField, fixes #904
  16. @chrisglass

    Merge pull request #925 from ojii/feature/document-cli

    chrisglass committed
    Feature/document cli
  17. Hopefully made the uninstall commands a little clearer

    Jonas Obrist committed
  18. @chrisglass

    Merge pull request #923 from ojii/feature/kill-os-path-urls

    chrisglass committed
    Feature/kill os path urls
  19. Added documentation for the cms management command

    Jonas Obrist committed
    Added nicer help to the cms command
  20. @chrisglass

    Merge pull request #924 from ojii/issue-897

    chrisglass committed
    Fixed #897 by only accessing request.POST in the middleware when we're pr
  21. Fixed #897 by only accessing request.POST in the middleware when we'r…

    Jonas Obrist committed
    …e pretty sure the POST is for the toolbar (login)
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