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CMS Plugin cancel button is destructive in Admin. #1124

kezabelle opened this Issue · 2 comments

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Steps to reproduce

  • Create a page in the Django admin.
  • Add a plugin - say, a link - to a placeholder.
  • Save it, then re-open it for editing.
  • modify some portion of the saved data, and hit cancel.


The changes you've made should be canceled, and the the plugin editor should probably disappear.

Current result

It's a submit button, so it triggers full validation, and if successful, saves whatever you've cancelled back to the database.

Additional notes

Works fine in the frontend-editing, as some JavaScript is responsible for destroying the plugin window. This ought to be ported to the admin (if possible, in such a way as the plugin editor iframe itself can deal with it, which ought to ensure it works in both FE & BE admin). Possibly also should have the plugin save method test whether _cancel was clicked, in case there's a javascript error?

I think the the comment from @calinf on October 28, 2011, in ticket #861 may be piggybacking that issue to describe this issue, and proposes a potential fix (which, FWIW, I don't like, as it's a different intention), but that ticket is tagged for 2.3, and I think given it's a potentially destructive feature in 2.2.0/develop, it ought to be pushed to 2.2.1. For our purposes, we've hidden the cancel button entirely in the admin, to side-step it.

Final note: the buttons are in different positions in the frontend vs backend. Minor niggle.


Addendum: It'd be nice if the cancel input had an ID or class, too so it can be easily targeted via CSS. At the moment, to hide it, I've got something like (LESS):

.plugin-submit-row {
    input {
        display: none;
        &.default {
            display: block;

which nets me:

.plugin-submit-row input{display:none;}
.plugin-submit-row input.default{display:block;}

which just hides the cancel button altogether.

@andrewschoen andrewschoen referenced this issue from a commit in andrewschoen/django-cms
@andrewschoen andrewschoen fixes issue #1124 - now integration branch is develop-2.2.1 5a8ebd5
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This issue has been addressed with #1251; if #1251 is OK, then this is closed!

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