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srj55 commented Feb 10, 2012

I have a CMS page called "Secure Content" and I assign a group "Secure" to this page and its decedents. Now, I have a page somewhere inside this node called "Top Secret" and I want to assign the group "TopSecret" here. The "Secure" group can still access this.

The view permissions don't supercede parent/ancestor permissions.

Version: 2.2 release


Are you able to try this same scenario using the develop branch? A number of permissions/menus changes have been applied there, that may be relevant for diagnosing if this is an issue.


Works like designed, you have given the Secure group the access to descendants, and Top Secrect is a descendant.
There is currently no superceden, as groups are always on the same level of hierachy, and you give a group permissions to certain pages

Try page children /Secured/Secret/TopSecret - Secured (access to page+children = secured and secured/secret but not topSecret

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ojii commented Aug 3, 2012

Bumped to 2.4, Design Decision Needed.

digi604 commented Jul 11, 2013

could we add a boolean field to indicate: overwrites everything else?

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digi604 commented Feb 10, 2014

closed as @FrankBie describes the correct way

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