django-tinymce NOT WORKING with cms #1184

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I install django-tinymce via instructions from django-cms2.2.

In the admin interface/page I choose -plugins -Text- But placeholder (iframe) is empty, just empty textfield and "cancel" "save" buttons.

document.getElementById("id_body") is null
Line 144:


does anyone else have this issue? We use tinymce a lot without issues. Closing this for now.

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I think we could reopen the bug, we some extra info. I got the same bug with :

  • django = 1.3.3
  • django-cms = 2.3.3
  • django-tinymce = 1.5.1b2

I think the pb is introduced by multilingual setup :
With custom settings.LANGUAGES setup, this error appears.
If you keep default settings (with custom CMS_LANGUAGES) it works.

If you want to have theses 2 vars equals, it fails in any cases.

@digi604 digi604 reopened this Oct 15, 2012

This is a very annoying bug .. got slapped by this one already more than once.
Anybody has a hint on where this may be coming from? Trying to patch it right now.


Ok after investigation, this is not related to django-cms text plugin in any way but to the django-tinymce plugin that doesn't seem to support language names declared as regular string and containing unicode chars...

For instance in my case I had this in my settings:

    ('fr', 'Français'),

Changing it to:

    ('fr', u'Français'),

Solved the problem.

The main issue in django-cms is that it make it fail silently, I don't know why the django-tinymce is swallowed nor where but it would be nice to let it bubble up somehow.

@ojii : do you have any clue about the exception being swallowed ?

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