View restrictions inheritance broken badly #1227

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pannal commented May 23, 2012

Given the following site tree scenario:

> subsite 1
>> sub-subsite 1
>> sub-subsite 2

> subsite 2
>> sub-subsite 2-1
>> sub-subsite 2-2

Applying a view restriction to subsite 1 with the setting to include the page itself and the children of it results in sub-subsite 2-1 and sub-subsite 2-2 inheriting the same restrictions sub-subsite 1 and sub-subsite 2 receive from their parent, subsite 1.


FrankBie commented May 25, 2012

Please provide your settings - subsite 2 parent is root.
If you apply restrictions for a group/user for a page and their children/descendats this counts.

More details please so we can update the testcases. thanks


kezabelle commented May 29, 2012

In addition to your relevant settings, please provide the versions of django CMS you've tried; a big changeset from @FrankBie (and a little from myself) was landed after 2.2, hopefully fixing this and related issues (see #1113, #1073) - this sounds like a dupe of the former, where only 'current page' works as expected in 2.2.

pannal commented May 29, 2012

Yeah it seems to be the same as in #1113. I will switch to the current tip soon, I'm on 2.2. That should fix the problem.


FrankBie commented Jun 1, 2012

So your problem is fixed now and the issue can be closed?


ojii commented Jun 1, 2012

Please reopen if not fixed

ojii closed this Jun 1, 2012

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