Remove MultilingualURLMiddleware in favor of django 1.4 i18n_patterns #1333

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Django 1.4 now has a powerful and flexible way to handle i18n urls. For compatibility and simplicity reasons, I think django-cms should move to that mechanism.

I've started the work on that here (help welcomed! :-) ):

Many tests are not passing anymore and there are still a few things to sort out:

  • Make sure permissions still work
  • What to do with apphook namespaces (eg. 'de:mypage')
  • Fix the testsuite to follow the new way of handling i18n
  • Keep django 1.3 compatibility by using the i18nurlpatterns backport

Also, please note the rewrite may need a decision of #910 .

ojii commented Jul 2, 2012

Yes, as noted somewhere (forgot which issue, probably multiple ones), moving to i18n_patterns is my preferred solution (if it proofs feasible) to solve our hacky MultilingualURLMiddleware and to ideally remove our reverse monkeypatching.

mitar commented Jul 14, 2012

I made a pull request #1236 which you closed mentioning move to i18n patterns. I hope they support everything Django CMS needs?

digi604 commented Oct 4, 2012

multilingual middleware has been removed

@digi604 digi604 closed this Oct 4, 2012

awesome! Which are the related commits?

digi604 commented Oct 4, 2012

Thx! :) Now I can upgrade!

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