[Documentation] render_template on a CMSPlugin takes precedence. #1361

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kezabelle commented Jul 25, 2012

I accidentally stumbled across this, and I can't find it documented anywhere (nor can I remember having encountered it in the last 2 years) - if a CMSPlugin subclass has an attribute called render_template, the value of that takes precedence over the one declared on the CMSPluginBase subclass attached to the plugin_pool when rendering plugins

I think this is documented on the custom plugins page

In "The Simplest Plugin" page, render_template is mentioned as one of three required attributes on the class. It's also got a title in the "Plugin Attribute Reference" section.

So does that mean this ticket can be closed?


digi604 commented May 18, 2013

yes this can be closed

digi604 closed this May 18, 2013


kezabelle commented May 18, 2013

I don't see any indication that the documentation adequately covers the scenario this ticket covers; both documentation points cover the render_template attribute on the admin subclasses, rather than the CMSPlugin subclasses.

Looking at the source, the original line linked is still in place, so I expect the issue probably still stands, that a CMSPlugin defining a render template will always take priority over one defined in the admin subclass API (CSPluginBase)

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