escapejs breaks hyphen in filenames #1366

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yakky commented Jul 29, 2012

This bug happens only in PlaceholderFields in custom models.
When saving a plugin in PlaceholderAdmin the plugin icon_src()/icon_alt() is filtered by django escapejs which converts the hyphen to its unicode value, breaking the icon URL (

Example to reproduce:

  • Custom model using PlaceholderField
  • cmsplugin-filer-image
  • image with an hyphen in the filename


  • Insert a text plugin in the placeholder
  • Insert a cmsplugin-filer-image instance in the text area
  • select the image with the hypen in the filename
  • save
  • the image icon is broken

This is due the fact that cmsplugin-filer-image return as icon_src() the loaded image, but it's enough the below icon_src() definition in any plugin to show the bug:

def icon_src(self, instance):
    return settings.STATIC_URL + u"cms/images/plugins/image-hyphened.png"

A test to demonstrate this will follow soon

@yakky yakky added a commit to yakky/django-cms that referenced this issue Jul 29, 2012
@yakky yakky Testcase for #1366. Created a testcase and a crafted plugin to demons…
…trate the issue
@yakky yakky added a commit to yakky/django-cms that referenced this issue Jul 29, 2012
@yakky yakky Added testcase for page objects for #1366. This issue doesn't apply t…
…o page-defined placeholders as codepath differs
yakky commented Jul 29, 2012

Testcases added for both page-defined and custom model-defined placeholders. In the first case the issue is not present due to different codepath.
This issue occurs even when plugins are created directly into the placeholder; in this situation icon is not shown, so it's not apparent.

Awaiting further discussion before creating pull request with a fix.

yakky commented Aug 18, 2012

@digi604 @ojii do you think you can push this in 2.3.1?

Removing escapejs from should do no harm

yakky commented Sep 5, 2012

PR Submitted to fix this

yakky commented May 29, 2013

Ops, left open after merging

@yakky yakky closed this May 29, 2013
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