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Disabling 'Can edit' in a page's 'Page permission' formset will make the page not render at all #1431

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Steps to reproduce:
1. Open a page
2. On the 'Page permissions' formset give user Bob all rights except 'Can edit' and 'Can add'
3. Log in as Bob


  • I can still see the page, still be able to do all things except adding or changing the page (can still publish/unpublish, move pages around ...) Actual:
  • I can't see the page anymore

Reproduced on changeset: 35f76b0

Divio AG member

I'm pretty sure that's standard Django behavior. Any action that changes an object's state is considered "editing", including publish/unpublish and moving pages.


Yes, you're right. But shouldn't I still see the pages?

Mind that in the 'Change User (page)' form you also have the option 'Change' under 'Page permissions'.

If I disable the option, the pages will continue being rendered. but no editing functionality will be available (for example you can't click the page and go into the 'Change page' form).

Divio AG member

moving a page is considered a change. publishing is considered a change as well.

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