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When viewing a page's history with django-reversion installed, 'add plugin' is enabled and gives error if used #1454

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Ioan Alexandru Cucu Patrick Lauber
Ioan Alexandru Cucu

django-cms 2.3.3, 'reversion' in INSTALLED_APPS

Steps to reproduce:
1. add a page
2. do some changes to the page and save
3. go to the page's history end select some earlier version
4. on any placeholder add a plugin


  • 'add plugin' shouldn't be rendered at all or
  • 'add plugin' should be rendered, but disabled (unable to click it)


ValueError at /admin/cms/page/3/history/61/edit-plugin/error/
invalid literal for int() with base 10: '3/history/61/edit-plugin/error'

Patrick Lauber

not possible anymore in develop

Patrick Lauber digi604 closed this
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