django-cms references User directly. #1496

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craigds commented Oct 31, 2012

Django 1.5's custom user models requires that apps like django-cms stop referencing User directly.

Here's our fix for this: koordinates@da83ee6

digi604 commented Oct 31, 2012

please open a pull request.


This change should be done while maintaining backwards compatibility with Django 1.4 and possibly 1.3 (did we decide already when we stop supporting Django 1.3?)

ojii commented Oct 31, 2012

@piquadrat our policy is to support the latest two Django releases. So after Django 1.5 is released, the next CMS release may drop 1.3 support.

And yes, just using settings.AUTH_USER_MODEL won't cut it. Needs to be getattr(settings, 'AUTH_USER_MODEL', 'auth.User') or something like that.

craigds commented Oct 31, 2012

As per Russell's message on django-developers, the plan is for django 1.4.2 to contain an implementation of get_user_model() and settings.AUTH_USER_MODEL that always point to auth.User. If you're not fussy about dropping support for the older point releases then this wouldn't require any more backwards compatibility changes.

I didn't open a pull request because our django-cms has heaps of in-house hacks on it, so it's a little complicated.

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yakky commented Mar 3, 2014

This is likely fixed by #2753

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