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show_menu_below_id doesn't work for pages without softroot if it is called from subpage of a softroot #1546

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I found problem with this. Lets explain with example tree structure:

  • home - ( id: home )
    • page in main tree 1
    • page in main tree 2
    • page in main tree 3
  • top-menu - ( id: top_menu ) ( softroot )
    • page in top menu 1
    • page in top menu 2
    • page in top menu 2

In the template I have:
{% show_menu_below_id "top_menu" 0 1 1 1 "top_menu.html" %}
{% show_menu_below_id "home" 0 1 1 1 "menu.html" %}

When I'm in some of the main pages the "top_menu" is rendered, but when I'm in some of the pages in top menu the main menu is not rendered. I understand that when I am on page that is inside a softroot I can't see pages that is outside this softroot. For default menu this is Ok, but when I want pages bellow id I actually want theese pages.

I'm using the latest stable release (2.3.4)


needs a pull request with tests.


What would the downsides be to doing something like this:


    # if it's not a soft root and we haven't asked for a specific root, walk ancestors (upwards!)
    if not root_id:
        nodes = self.find_ancestors_and_remove_children(selected, nodes)

Maybe @evildmp could provide some insight


After looking a little more maybe this would be better:


# if we found a selected 
# and haven't specified a root ...
    if selected and not root_id:
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[META] Menus/pagetree refactor #4597

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