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mptt version conflicts combining django-cms with django-wiki #1614

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I try to install both django-cms and django-wiki the latest pypi versions (using buildout)

combining django-wiki with the requirement for django-cms, I get:
django-cms 2.3.5 requires 'django-mptt>=0.5.1,<0.5.3'

django-wiki seem to have a good reason why using 0.5.3 ... (bugfix) so is it possible to upgrade django-cms to a version higher?


django-mptt 0.5.4 seems to work with django-cms 2.3.x


I would suggest to change the requirements file to django-cms to permit 0.5.4 as it is compatible with django-wiki as well.

I've tested with django-mptt 0.5.5

The immediate fix is to just install django-cms and then afterwards do pip install django-mptt --upgrade

Cross post in django-wiki/django-wiki#98


@Benjaoming: Great, thanks for this workaround and even looking further in to it! However I install everything (or at east as much as possible) on the djangoserver using buildout. This way I can use different versions of any install on 1 fysical server. So I have to look in if that's possible in buildout....

But the real solution would be if the requierement in django-cms will be adjusted.....


mptt removal should fix this

@digi604 digi604 added this to the 3.X milestone

@digi604 so the fix now is to use django-cms 3?


sorry, haven't been working on this project for a while... more urgent matters :)
In case django-cms 3 and a version of django-wiki have overlap in their requirements, that should be the fix... not in the oppertunity to test this soon...


This is solved on django CMS as django-mptt 0.6 satisfies both django-wiki and django CMS requirements

@yakky yakky closed this
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