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Moving a plugin to a new placeholder ignores CMS_PLACEHOLDER_CONF limits #1646

pluma opened this Issue March 05, 2013 · 3 comments

3 participants

Alan Plum Jonas Obrist Paulo
Alan Plum
pluma commented March 05, 2013

PlaceholderAdmin#move_plugin seems to ignore any and all limits placed for the destination placeholder in CMS_PLACEHOLDER_CONF. This means limits can be circumvented by adding new plugins to a non-limited placeholder and then moving them via move_plugin.

The limit-checking code from add_plugin should probably be factored out and used in both methods.

Alan Plum
pluma commented March 05, 2013

A minor complication is that move_plugin accepts multiple IDs. I'm not sure whether the entire action should fail if the limit would be reached before moving all plugins (providing transactional behaviour) or whether it should try to move as many as possible.

Jonas Obrist
ojii commented March 26, 2013

looks great, the move_plugin issue is something for another pull request.

Jonas Obrist ojii closed this March 26, 2013

@ojii Everything was fixed but the PlaceholderAdmin frontend which sends the wrong pk due to the js/css hack. So that should be another ticket I believe.

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