Django-reversion 1.7 fails with django-cms #1650

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I get this error:
'RevisionManager' object has no attribute 'create_on_success'

AttributeError at /
'RevisionManager' object has no attribute 'create_on_success'
Request Method: GET
Request URL:
Django Version: 1.4.3
Exception Type: AttributeError
Exception Value:

'RevisionManager' object has no attribute 'create_on_success'
Exception Location: /media/storage/django/sites/amvale/eggs/django_cms-2.3.5-py2.7.egg/cms/admin/ in , line 54

I use versions:
django-reversion = 1.7
django = 1.4.3
django-cms = 2.3.5
PIL = 1.1.7
django-sekizai = 0.7
django-mptt = 0.5.2
html5lib = 0.95
South = 0.7.6

It's on my local developer server
using mysql in production, but sqllite on development server
Did syncdb and all the migrations of south (no error messages there)

Lookin in the code, it's caused by this part in
51if 'reversion' in settings.INSTALLED_APPS:
52 import reversion
53 from reversion.admin import VersionAdmin as ModelAdmin
54 create_on_success = reversion.revision.create_on_success


I got django-cms working stepping down in the version of django-reversion
Looking at the changelog of django-reversion:

1.6.5 - 12/12/2012
Support for Django 1.4.3.

it seemed ok to go back to version 1.65
django-reversion = 1.6.5
And now it works!
So django-cms does not seem to work with the latest version of django-reversion (1.7)


Just to be complete in my issue report, I tried django-reversion 1.6.6
This also works fine
So the problem is in the 1.7 version
django-reversion = 1.6.6
django-reversion < 1.7




Ah, finally I did also stumble in to this issue when following django-cms tutorial guide.


I was stuck on that too. I just had to uninstall that package and reinstall the older one.
pip uninstall 'django-reversion'
pip install 'django-reversion < 1.6.6'
simple as that!


Could someone please check if this patch works: bikeshedder@da2e4ca

It is part of my pull request as django-reversion 1.7 is the first version to support Django 1.5.

Divio AG member

i will have a deeper look at reversion next week... closed for now and fixed in #1674

@digi604 digi604 closed this Mar 27, 2013
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