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I can help you with implementation if you'll decide that my ideas is useful.

I suggest to add 2 more text fields and 2 boolean fields to the Title model

Text fields:

  • page_title_prefix
  • page_title_suffix
    Boolean fields:
  • page_title_prefix_hidden
  • page_title_suffix_hidden

The main concept that html page title will be generated using this pattern: "PREFIX | actually page title | SUFFIX", and prefix/suffix are inherited to the all children pages. In a case if u do not want to use prefix or suffix on some pages there will be an option to hide inherited prefix/suffix.

Why we are really need this? Because this will help to generate more natural and more seo optimized titles, like:

  • "MyCompanyName | Our products | Some seo text about our products etc"
  • "MyCompanyName | Our products"
  • "Our products | Some seo text about our products etc"
evildmp commented Mar 26, 2013

There are some issues here.

The main one is: SEO is mainly a load of old rubbish.

We should not be encouraging people to think in those terms. We should be encouraging people to think in terms of good practice, good metadata, good document structure and so on.

"MyCompanyName | Our products | Some seo text about our products etc" is not a good title, quite apart from inserting non-readable junk into the text, which has accessibility implications.

A much more significant improvement would be to:

  • change the really bad admin text "SEO Settings" to "Content metadata"
  • set the Description meta tag to blank=False, at least optionally (perhaps in settings, ha ha, ojii will love that)
  • rescue the Description meta tag field from the collapsed fieldset
  • get rid of the pretty much useless Keywords meta tag field
  • make a big flashing sign appear on all pages that don't have Description meta tag completed, saying:

This page will be listed in search engine results with some random text underneath that may or may not make any sense at all, because you haven't provided any description meta data

yakky commented May 29, 2013

-1 on this.
SEO fields are better suited for ad-hoc extension to the Title model; they are too specific on the SEO campaign you are going to undertake

digi604 commented May 29, 2013

-1 because of performance implications and i think we need an other idea there....

@digi604 digi604 closed this May 29, 2013
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