Placeholder rendering broken in 2.4.0? #1750

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Hello everyone,

I'm experiencing some odd behavior with Placeholder fields outside of the CMS. I simply can't get {% render_placeholder [instance].[placeholder_field] %} to work in 2.4.0.

I can take exactly the same model and render the placeholder field just fine in 2.3.6.

Has anything significantly changed regarding placeholder rendering?


digi604 commented Apr 30, 2013

how many languages do you have in your site and is USE_I18N=True?


Hi. I just have one language, English, set in my languages, and i18n is False.

digi604 commented Jul 11, 2013

Is this still the case in 2.4.2?


I haven't checked lately, but I can.

Heleen commented Jul 29, 2013

I seem to be experiencing similar problems although for me it's on and off.

Last week while I was working on my plugin they worked and a couple of hours later they just didn't render. And not just the front-end, in the Django admin back-end it recognizes the slots but they won't render (for new - can't add plugin in placeholder- or existing objects -can't edit existing placeholder items-). After some restarting, commenting and uncommenting I managed to get them back to work, although I cannot remember what finally did the trick. I'm now having the same issues again and can't work out how to fix them.
I did switch between Django projects on the same IP:port on both occasions, but I'm having the same issue in other browsers, so it can't be browser caching. It does feel to me like maybe the switching may have caused it, but it might have just been a coincidence.

I'm running Django-CMS 2.4.2 and Django 1.5.1 with just one language (English, i18n/l10n/tz=True) by the way and I've only started developing since 2.4.something.

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Closing as 2.4.x is no longer maintained.
Please use the latest Django CMS.

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