language_chooser doesn't take `SITE_ID` into account #1873

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in menus/templates/menu/language_chooser.html all languages are fetched:

{% get_available_languages as languages %}

However, using CMS_LANGUAGES I have defined a mixed set of languages depending on the SITE_ID. This setting should be taken into account for creating the language chooser, I suppose?

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Is this 2.4 or 3?



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needs a pull request and tests

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Do we really need {% get_available_languages as languages %} string in language_chooser.html?
Context is populated by languages filtered by site by the language chooser templatetags (both in 2.4 and 3.0)


I have been working with the language_chooser, and I have noticed that the {% get_available_languages as languages %} is indeed redundant - and worse, buggy.
A languages variable is set in the context here
This context variable is then overridden by
However this new value is not reading from CMS_LANGUAGES, so ignores information such as - for example - if we have set a language to 'public': False.

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Closed in favor of #4597

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