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As an admin user, you should be able to see the draft version of a page when doing a preview #2083

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Reproduced in: 2.4.2

Steps to reproduce:
1. Log in as a staff user
2. Open a page (IN THE ADMIN)
3. Change the page by adding/changing some plugin
4. Hit the 'View on site' button in the top right corner of the screen (AGAIN, the ADMIN interface)

I should have a preview of the draft version I'm editing

I see the published version of the page. This is not actually a preview.


This happens only when editing content on the backend, right?
Any cache configured in the project?


First question: Yes, it happens when editing content in the admin interface and hitting preview.

Second question: Caching is not an issue. The result is the same even if I explicitly clear the cache (from django.core.cache import cache; cache.clear()) before doing the preview.


While previewing the page, if I hit the plus button in the top right corner (which basically starts the front-end editing) and then turn edit mode "ON" then I will see the draft version of my page. However, I would like to see the draft version WITHOUT having to enable the front-end editing functionality. Basically I want to preview the page exactly as if it would be live (no front-end editing placeholder decorators and add plugin buttons and so forth).


This is not necessarily a bug.

It's more a lack of functionality for people who don't use the front-end editing.

For someone who doesn't use (or doesn't want to use) front-end editing it's basically impossible to preview the draft version of a page.


@kux to me this is definitely a bug. "View on site" is meant exactly to view the draft version of the page


I see that in the back-end editing there is two buttons: "View on site" and "Preview draft". It's obvious that first one shows published version and the second one is showing the draft version. This is ok but when you use front-end editing there is no way to switch to see draft version with edit-off except if manually type in the address bar &preview=1&draft=1 which is not pretty good for non technical users. There must be a button which will allow users who have edit permission to see the draft version.

One more thing the "Preview draft" button is missing from the back-end editing when user doesn't have publishing permissions but have edit permissions. Not only the admin want to see the draft but also the editor.


The View on site / Preview draft solve the use case in 2.4
3.0 solved the generale case, here

@yakky yakky closed this
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