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Add support for touch devices #2169

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On touch devices most of the toolbar functions are not available.

This issue is meant to track every touch-related issue and their solution.

ATM not working:

tested on stock Android 4 browser / Safari on iOS 5.1.1

  • [ ]: Drag and drop plugins in a placeholder
  • [ ]: Drag and drop plugins between placeholders
  • [ ]: Drag and drop plugins from the clipboard
  • [ ]: Editing plugin from the content mode


  • [ ]: Toobar items selection (on iOS); should be fixed by #2168



Would be nice if we can implement a way to make drag & drop work on mobile. NestedSortable was apparently not developed for mobile but you can get my branch here:


The most urgent thing I guess is editing on the content mode (in structure mode editing on a touch device is really clumsy)

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@FinalAngel FinalAngel enable click touch support for issue #2169 1d7a4af

dblclick and drag & drop will probably not be possible within the 3.0 release on mobile devices.

However, I added some basic support for immediate responses like switching modes, menu handling, structure mode, but partial features will not be available (especially drag & drop).
You can edit content in content view by clicking on a content, and than on the tooltip to open the modal. Structure mode still has some unexplainable issues.


Also related to #2326


For 3.0 I guess content editing will be enough to allow for quick edits while away.
Agree: TMK drag&drop is really hard ATM


Some features have been added, drag & drop still doesn't work (also not supported in ui 1.10.) We might hope jquery might add some improvements...

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@FinalAngel FinalAngel modified the milestone: Some Day, 3.0

This affects Chrome and Firefox on Linux if touch is enabled. Can't comment on Windows 8 touch. I've been using this website to check if the browser supports touch

As a work around one can just disable touch. In firefox that involves going to about:config, and disabling touch.

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