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Show page tree in current selected language instead of user settings language #2213

o-zander opened this Issue · 6 comments

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When working with the page tree and different frontend languages it would be easier to navigate if the page tree shows the page titles in the current frontend language rather than always the user selected backend language. Perhaps this could be an option in the user settings. That would fill up this page a little bit ;)


good idea.


Maybe I'm getting it wrong - I create one page and translate it into de, en and fr. When I navigate to the page tree, the page title is displayed according to the language prefix in the path, e.g. /de/. If I change the url to /fr/..., the page title is displayed in french. If this is what you mean, then I think it's already working.


See #2773. Just wrote a test showing that in 3.0 at least, pages in the tree are displayed in the current language.


@schneck can you report which version of the cms you were using when this issue cropped up?

@digi604 I think we can at least un-tag this for the 3.0 milestone.


@o-zander do you mean syncing the titles in the page tree with the current page in the split-screen view?


this was fixed in: #2723

@digi604 digi604 closed this
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