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Hidden plugin menu in Firefox #2523

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I am a total newbie in Django CMS so I might be using incorrect name for the menu. See the differences between Firefox and Chrome on the picture bellow:




Any chance of dirty cache or incorrect static files?
I have the same UI in both browser on any platform (Windows, Debian, Ubuntu and MacOS)

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I have cleared the whole cache in Firefox with no success. And I don't see any 404 errors in web console.

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Does this also occur within the latest develop release? I testet it on both platforms, and it works as it's intended for


I have upgraded to the latest development release and I have seen no difference. I have even tested the Firefox on my wife's computer with the same result. I will delete everything, install django, cms and all the plugins again and let you know...


Can you give us some more infos about your system? (OS, Version etc.)


Tested on Windows 7 using Firefox 27.0.1. Works perfectly.

If the menu stretches to the bottom and reaches a visible bound (too much on the bottom) it will flip to the top. But if there is enough space, it will show up underneath.


I have CentOS 6.5, Python 3.3 and Django 1.6.1 on server side, Windows 7 64-bit Czech and Firefox 27.0.1 on client side. I have already deleted the previous installation but I haven't finished the new one yet. I hoped I would be able to use djangocms_installer this time but it seems to have some Python 3 related issues (it always calls "python" executable even when it is run under python3). So I will have to install it all from scratch. Give me few more days please. I am extremely busy at work right now but I will try to have it reinstalled by the end of this week.


Yeah sure take your time. I'm about to finish the cross-browser tests so the cms works fine within IE as well.


I have almost finished complete reinstallation. I have tried to follow official installation guide ( as close as possible. I have just skipped cmsplugin-filer and few other optional plugins because I am not sure whether they are Python3/DjangoCMS 3 compatible.

Centos 6.5
Python 3.3.4
Django (1.6.2)
Postgresql 8.4.20
django-classy-tags (0.5)
django-cms (3.0b4.dev11)
django-mptt (0.6.0)
django-reversion (1.8.0)
django-sekizai (0.7)
djangocms-admin-style (0.2.0)
djangocms-column (1.3)
djangocms-file (0.0.1)
djangocms-flash (0.0.2)
djangocms-googlemap (0.0.3, /src/djangocms-googlemap)
djangocms-inherit (0.0.1)
djangocms-link (1.3)
djangocms-picture (0.0.2)
djangocms-style (1.3)
djangocms-teaser (0.0.1)
djangocms-text-ckeditor (2.1.4)
djangocms-video (0.0.1)
html5lib (0.999)
Pillow (2.3.0)
pip (1.5.4)
psycopg2 (2.5.2)
setuptools (2.2)
six (1.5.2)
South (0.8.4)

I haven't had time to setup Apache and modwsgi yet, but the problem is already visible with the built-in web server. If you wish to check it on your own, I will create an account for you. Sice I am a novice user, I might have missed something important during installation.



I have a similar issue and I found that it's because Firefox returns $(window).height as the height of the body tag, instead of the browser. So, if the body tag has a min-height of like 400px, the plugin menu will appear correctly in Firefox.

Hope this help.

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@digi604 digi604 added the blocker label

The behaviour is actually correct. As soon as the bottom space is not enough anymore we flip to the top. Please also ensure that your doctype is set correctly:

jQuery's $(window).height() is sensitive to doctype. Try <!doctype html>

Don’t use Quirks mode! jQuery has never supported Quirks mode and we do not perform any testing in Quirks. This can affect values like $("window").height(), and the jQuery 1.8 Quirks mode results did change in order to support some modern browser features. The majority of problem cases we’ve seen are from developers that wanted to be in Standards mode but had an invalid doctype or extraneous markup before their tag. When in doubt, use the simple and short <!doctype html>.

I will try to build a fallback if the top bound is also reached

@FinalAngel FinalAngel referenced this issue from a commit in FinalAngel/django-cms
@FinalAngel FinalAngel additional fix for #2523 b02f9fd

That makes sense. I was trying out the 3.0c1 on a blank page (actually without any doctype). Glad to know that this is not an issue with Firefox.

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