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toolbar name dependent on order of get_or_create_menu() calls #2697

timgraham opened this Issue · 7 comments

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Tim Graham Iacopo Spalletti Patrick Lauber
Tim Graham

As documented, self.toolbar.get_or_create_menu('page') can result in the menu's verbose_name being None if that call is invoked before a call that includes the menu's name, like self.toolbar.get_or_create_menu('page', _('Page').

Tim Graham

(affects side and position arguments as well)

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Iacopo Spalletti

Could you check in latest develop?
#2751 should have fixed it

Tim Graham

I can't reproduce (although I'm not sure the failure was deterministic in the first place), but we can close this for now, thanks.

Tim Graham timgraham closed this
Tim Graham

It happened again on latest develop. You can see in this code that if the menu key is already in self.menus, it'll be returned as-is, ignoring the arguments of subsequent calls. So if self.toolbar.get_or_create_menu('page') runs before a call that includes the name: self.toolbar.get_or_create_menu('page', _('Page') the menu will be named None.

Tim Graham timgraham reopened this
Patrick Lauber

according to

is verbose name required. So self.toolbar.get_or_create_menu('page') should fail anyway.... no?

Tim Graham

Sorry, I've linked to the wrong instance of get_or_create_menu(). I've corrected it in the comment above.

Patrick Lauber

Ok an easy fix would be that if the verbose_name is something we set it again on the returned menu

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