multiple PlaceholderField base on a template #2738

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I'm trying to think about what it would take to add the "dynamic" template
scanning fonctionnality of the Page model to an outside models.

PlaceholderField is great if you have only a few placeholder that
you want to add and if you know there names in advance.

So here's what I come with so far:

A model mixin that would:

  • Add a ManyToManyField field named placeholders like for the Page model.
  • That would check for a template_name attribute to the class.
  • And that would call rescan_placeholders() or listen to the update_placeholders signal.
  • Modify PlaceholderAdmin to grab and display those changes like PageAdmin would do.

What do you think?


I just relalized that the "placeholder" templatetag would not render plugins from my model.
Is this a feature? Would it be to much to modify the "placeholder" templatetag to check for placeholders in something else then "request.current_page"?

Divio AG member

if we could decouple this... that would be awesome

@yakky yakky added this to the Some Day milestone Sep 29, 2014
Divio AG member

@yakky @mkoistinen any way you see how to achieve it?

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