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Changing lang in a url should redirect 404 or 301 #910

riquito opened this Issue · 5 comments

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Say I have a multilanguage page, with urls

Both urls point to same page, different translations.

At present, if you write
the italian page is presented

For SEO purposes, we shouldn't have two urls serving the same exact content.
The proper way to handle it would be to either redirect to the completely translated url with a 301
/it/hello/world => 301 => /it/ciao/mondo
or let it fail with a 404
/it/hello/world => 404


In order to theme the site properly,
meaning having controll over the site structure and link flow,
/it/hello/world is not a url that should be reachable, so I would 404 it.
As only 2 pages exist
/en/hello/world and

just my 2 cents


I'm +1 on 301, simply because people copy/paste links all the time (and sometimes change the language prefix). Also, non-prefixed URLs should 301 too. Like that one content (in a language) only has one URL attached to it, but it makes it still easy for users to get there.


301 sounds sensible to me.


+1 for 301.


this has been resolved in the multilingual middleware removal branch merge.

@digi604 digi604 closed this
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